Service Nissan Sunny with 1991 on 1997 of release in a body n-14.
1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
3.1. The petrol engine in volume of 1,4 and 1,6 litres
3.1.1. Kinds of repair of the engine without dismantle from the car
3.1.2. Dismantle and engine major repairs Specifications Engine major repairs Diagnostics of the engine by means of the vacuum gauge The power unit from a manual transmission The power unit with automatic transmission A head of the block of cylinders A head of cylinders and valves Pistons and rods Коленвал The block of cylinders Shatunno-piston group Radical and шатунные bearings Piston rings Start-up of the engine after major repairs
3.2. The petrol engine in volume of 2,0 litres
3.3. The diesel engine
4. Cooling system
5. Heating and ventilation system
6. Fuel and an exhaust system
7. System of start-up of the engine
8. Coupling
9. Transmissions
10. Semiaxes
11. Brakes
12. Suspension brackets and a steering
13. A body
14. An electric equipment


3-1-2-5-silovojj-agregat-s-avtomaticheskojj-transmissiejj.html The power unit with automatic transmission


The prevention

The engine can be dismantled from the car only as a part of the power unit (i.e. in gathering with transmission). The power unit falls and gets from under the car. Free to get the engine in such a way, than 75 sm (from a floor to a forward bumper) are necessary to lift the car on height not less and to establish on supports.

1. Establish the car on a firm equal platform. Block back wheels, include a manual brake. Lift a forward part of the car and establish on supports.
2. Remove forward wheels.
3. Turn away screws and remove all guards of the engine.
4. Remove a cowl (subsection 13.7 see).
5. Merge cooling liquid.
6. Merge oil from a check point, turn and tighten both stoppers.
7. Merge oil and remove the oil filter, clear and tighten a drain stopper.
8. Remove the battery.
9. Remove a broad tank with an arm.
10. Remove belts.
11. Remove the generator.
12. On the cars equipped with the conditioner, turn away compressor bolts, take the compressor aside and fix. Hoses from the conditioner not to disconnect.
13. Remove the hydraulic booster pump (subsection 12.15 see).
14. Remove supports of brakes, take aside and fix, without disconnecting hoses.
15. Disconnect SHRUS from naves.
16. Disconnect semiaxes (subsection 10.2 see).
17. Disconnect a cable of a choice of transfers.
18. Remove a longeron.
19. Disconnect a reception pipe of the muffler.
20. Remove a radiator with hoses and fans.
21. Disconnect the stabilizer of cross-section stability (subsection 12.6 see).
22. On carburettor engines remove or disconnect following details and units:

  – The air filter;
  – Fuel hoses;
  – A cable throttle заслонки;
  – Carburettor wires;
  – A hose of the vacuum amplifier, system of cooling and other hoses of gauges and valves;
  – A rack of a soaking up collector;
  – A socket of the gauge of exhaust gases.
23. On инжекторных engines execute following actions:

  – Remove an air line of the air filter;
  – Execute actions on декомпрессии fuel system, disconnect from the case throttle заслонки fuel hoses;
  – Disconnect a cable of a drive throttle заслонки;
  – Disconnect conducting sockets;
  – Take conducting aside from the engine.
24. Disconnect from a soaking up collector all hoses.
25. Remove a rack of a soaking up collector.
26. Put identification labels and disconnect from the engine hoses of a heater and hoses of system of cooling.
27. Disconnect sockets of conducting from the distributor of ignition, the coil of ignition and a transistor power unit. Release a sleeve of conducting from clips on a head of cylinders and take aside. Turn away bolts and remove all wires of connection with weight on a head of cylinders and on a soaking up collector.
28. Disconnect from a check point a speedometer and wire cable.
29. Fix таль the lift on eyes of a head of cylinders, pull таль that it had been apprehended weight of the power unit.
30. Designate position of a coupling bolt (it is specified by an arrow) on an arm of a forward support of the power unit, turn away a nut of a coupling bolt and get a bolt.
31. Turn away a nut and get a coupling bolt of a back support (it is specified by an arrow). Remove a forward support and an arm.
32. Remove the right support and rubber pillows.
33. Remove the left support and rubber pillows.
34. Be convinced that all details, wires and hoses which can prevent dismantle, are disconnected, removed and taken aside.
35. Drive under the engine the cart and cautiously lower the power unit. This operation is expedient for carrying out with the assistant, as it is required to incline a little the engine not to touch a body.
36. Roll out the power unit from under the car.

Removal of transmission from the engine

1. Fix the removed power unit wooden брусками, having put it on an equal platform.
2. Remove a starter.
3. Uncover the pallet and turn away the first accessible bolt of the hydrotransformer, then turning коленвал, turn on serially the others 3 bolts.
4. Fix the hydrotransformer a piece of a metal strip, having tightened a strip a bolt to one of apertures of fastening of a starter.
5. Turn away fastening bolts картера transmissions to the engine, having designated their arrangement.
6. Cautiously remove transmission.


1. If a check point acted in film from the engine execute the operations described more low in subitem 1-6. If a check point did not act in film, be guided by item 7 and further.
2. Measure distance from apertures under bolts of fastening of the hydrotransformer to a demountable plane картера transmissions which at correct installation should be not less than 21,1 mm.
3. Establish pins (if have been removed).
4. Cautiously establish transmission on the engine on directing pins and tighten bolts with the set moment.
5. Remove a strip fixing the hydrotransformer, combine apertures of the hydrotransformer with apertures in a leading disk and wrap fastening bolts.
6. Tighten bolts of the hydrotransformer with the set moment, establish a pallet cover, tighten bolts.
7. Establish a starter.
8. Place the power unit under the car and attach таль the lift.
9. Working with the assistant, cautiously power unit in a motor compartment.
10. Establish on an arm of the left support of the power unit rubber pillows, having tracked that hairpins of pillows have entered into arm apertures. Establish into place a support, wrap bolts of fastening of a support to transmission and tighten them with the set moment. Insert a coupling bolt and tighten a nut by hand.
11. Establish rubber pillows on the right arm of a suspension bracket from outside bodies, having convinced that hairpins of pillows have entered into apertures in an arm. Establish a support on an arm and tighten bolts with the set moment. Insert a coupling bolt and tighten a nut by hand.
12. Insert a coupling bolt of a back support and tighten a nut by hand.
13. Establish a longeron, tighten bolts with the set moment.
14. Establish an arm of a forward support and tighten bolts. Insert a coupling bolt and tighten a nut by hand. Expose the engine so that the labels of a coupling bolt put at dismantling and were combined tighten a nut.
15. Shake the power unit and tighten coupling bolts of other support.
16. Further installation of the power unit is carried out upside-down.
17. Be convinced that conducting is laid on former lines and fixed by clips and скобами, and that all sockets are attached.
18. Replace epiploons of semiaxes and establish semiaxes.
19. Attach all hoses of system of cooling.
20. Adjust a cable of a drive throttle заслонки (subsection 6.1.7 see).
21. Attach and adjust cables of a choice of transfers and a kick-down-mode.
22. Establish and adjust drive belts.
23. Replace oil in the engine and a check point.
24. Fill in cooling liquid.
25. Start the engine and be convinced of absence of leaks. The power unit from a manual transmission A head of the block of cylinders