Service Nissan Sunny with 1991 on 1997 of release in a body n-14.
1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
4. Cooling system
5. Heating and ventilation system
6. Fuel and an exhaust system
6.1. Carburettor engines
6.2. Engines with system of injection of fuel
6.3. System of a food / of release of the fulfilled gases
6.3.1. Models with one-dot electronic injection of fuel
6.3.2. Models with multidot electronic injection of fuel Technical characteristics The air filter An accelerator rope An accelerator pedal System of injection of fuel Fuel system The fuel pump The gauge of level of fuel A fuel tank The case throttle заслонки Elements of system of injection of fuel (engines in volume 1,6) A fuel collector and fuel injectors A regulator of pressure of fuel A potentiometer throttle заслонки The additional valve of giving of air The gauge of a stream of air The electromagnetic valve of fast work of the engine The temperature valve of the accelerated warming up of the engine The gauge of an angle of rotation of a cranked shaft and the capacity transistor The gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid The electronic block of management of the engine The switch of neutral transfer The switch of blocking of a starter / of lanterns of a backing The relay of the electronic block of management of the engine and the fuel pump The switch in system of strengthening of a steering The switch in air central air The gauge of speed of movement of the car Elements of system of injection of fuel (engines in volume 2,0) An inlet collector
6.4. System of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
7. System of start-up of the engine
8. Coupling
9. Transmissions
10. Semiaxes
11. Brakes
12. Suspension brackets and a steering
13. A body
14. An electric equipment


6-3-2-11-2-regulyator-davleniya-topliva.html A regulator of pressure of fuel

The prevention

Look safety measures in subsection 6.3.2 before the work beginning.

Removal and installation

1. Disconnect a negative wire of the storage battery.
2. Disconnect a vacuum hose from a regulator of pressure of fuel (it is specified by an arrow) which is established on a left-hand side of a fuel collector.
3. Let out pressure from fuel system, being guided by the instructions resulted in subsection Release a collar and disconnect a fuel hose from below a regulator of pressure of fuel.
4. Turn off two fixing bolts and remove a regulator from a fuel collector. Remove the sealing ring established on a regulator, and will throw out it is at installation it is necessary to use the new.
5. Installation is spent upside-down removals. At installation use a new sealing ring. On termination of installation start the engine and check up, whether there are no fuel leaks. A fuel collector and fuel injectors A potentiometer throttle заслонки