Service Nissan Sunny with 1991 on 1997 of release in a body n-14.
1. The maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance service
3. Engines
4. Cooling system
5. Heating and ventilation system
6. Fuel and an exhaust system
7. System of start-up of the engine
8. Coupling
9. Transmissions
9.1. A mechanical transmission
9.1.1. Specifications
9.1.2. The mechanism of change of transfers
9.1.3. Epiploons
9.1.4. The gauge of neutral position
9.1.5. The switch of a signal of a backing
9.1.6. A speedometer reducer
9.2. An automatic transmission
10. Semiaxes
11. Brakes
12. Suspension brackets and a steering
13. A body
14. An electric equipment



9.1.6. A speedometer reducer

The speedometer reducer is near to the right semiaxis.


1. Lift a back part of the car and establish on supports.
2. Turn on накидную a nut and disconnect a speedometer cable.
3. Turn away a bolt.
4. Get a reducer and a sealing ring.
5. If necessary beat out a pin, remove a gear wheel and a persistent washer (arrows specify a pin and a sealing ring).
6. Check up all details.
7. Replace a sealing ring.
8. If it is necessary to replace a persistent washer have in view of that the thickness of a new washer should be equal to a thickness replaced.
9. At detection of defects of a gear wheel of a reducer check up also a condition of a leading gear wheel in a check point.
10. For replacement of a leading gear wheel of a reducer it is necessary to disassemble a check point and to remove differential, therefore these works it is necessary to carry out in car-care centre service.


1. Collect a reducer and запрессуйте a new pin.
2. Replace a sealing ring, establish a reducer on a check point and tighten a bolt.
3. Attach a speedometer cable, wrap a nut.
4. Lower the car.

9.1.5. The switch of a signal of a backing

9.2. An automatic transmission